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Krishna Upadhyay

Krishna is founder and co-owner of Incredible Yog. A yoga teacher for over 8 years. Born in Varanasi, India and got yoga education at Haridwar. This both Indian cities are known for spirituality worldwide.This is why he is more connected with spirituality. In early age he studied Science ( Physics and Computer Science) and after he get connected a grain saint in Haridwar. There he come close to yoga and become a yoga teacher. He is known as motivator due to his motivating and helping nature class. He teaches students aware of their body, mind and soul through artful alignment. Apart from of Asana he has sound knowledge of yoga philosophy. During his appearance you always feel highly motivated even you won’t able some asana at that time. Although he is very strict and focused to the practices. Passionate about his love of yoga with others, his class offer everyone the chance to be upside down in a fun sand say.

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